Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I was nominated by the awesome Lucy from Things Lucy Reads.
Thank you Lucy!!!!!!

Thank the blogger who nominated you and link their website.
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Questions from Lucy:
1.   For new books, do you buy the Hardcover right away or wait on the Paperback to be released?
It depends. I prefer hardcovers so if it’s a new release I must own right away then I buy the hardcover. But if it’s something older that I find in paperback I get that. Either way my series have to match.

2.   Favorite book from this year
This is a tough one because I read so many amazing books this year. But since I have to pick just one I have to go with An Ember In The Ashes by Sabba Tahir. I read it this weekend and I was completely blown away.

3.   One book you recommend to EVERYONE
This year, Snow Like Ashes. I’ve been driving everyone crazy with it. This changes every year as I discover new books and my obsessions change.

4.   How many books have you read this year?
48 so far. I have a goal of 60, which not only do I want to attain, but I want to beat.

5.   Favorite book to movie adaptation
Is picking all the Harry Potter movies cheating? ;)

6.   Do you use your library?

7.   Name a book that brought ALL THE FEELS.
I have never in my life cried as much as I did while reading The Fault In Our Stars so I have to pick it.

8.   Favorite book reading snack.
I don’t really snack when I read, but I drink lots of coffee and tea.

9.   Do you read in the car/bus/etc.?
I can’t read when riding a car or bus because I get sick. However, I do drive to work everyday so I listen to tons of audiobooks.

10.                Do you loan your books out?
Only to trusted friends. The hardcovers, never with the dust jacket. :)

My Nominees:
Kristianna @ Downright Dystopian
Barb @ Booker T’s Farm @ Books and Nails and PuppyDog Tales
Ashley @ Words We Heart
Jennifer @ YA Booknerd
Christina @ Books are Life

My Questions:
1.    Do you re-read books? If yes, most re-read book.
2.    Hardcover, paperback, ebook, or audiobook?
3.    Do you like read-alongs with friends or Goodreads groups? If yes, what book would you like to read-along next?
4.    Favorite book this year
5.    Favorite author
6.    Do you have a current library card?
7.    Do you listen to music when reading? If yes, what do you normally listen to?
8.    What book was your least favorite read of 2015? 
9.    Most anticipated book for 2016 so far.
10.Favorite reading spot.

I am not sure if you guys like doing tags so don’t feel like you have to complete it if you don’t want to. I apologize if you’ve already been nominated. Also, I nominate everyone reading this post and wanting to do the tag. I love seeing everyone’s answers!


  1. Thank you so much for tagging me in this!! I'll get to the tag as soon as I get back from my trip :) great questions by the way

    1. Thanks. Looking forward to your answers. Hope you are having an amazing time on your vacay!

  2. I just started Snow LIke Ashes, and I'm really enjoying it.
    I enjoyed reading your answers. and I'd love to answer your questions (just might take me awhile, lol).
    Thanks again!

    1. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on Snow Like Ashes!!

  3. Haha love your answers. Thanks for the tag. I'm going to try!

  4. My answers are finally up :) I was tagged for this twice, so I just answered all 20 questions and included gifs (because they're my favorite).

    Thanks again Bogdana, I loved your questions!