Monday, October 19, 2015

Encouraging Thunder Award

I am so sorry to have neglected my blog and for being MIA for a few weeks now due to a vacation and lots and lots of work; but I am back now and first things first, I am starting with a post for the Encouraging Thunder Award that I was nominated for back in September.

I was tagged for the Encouraging Thunder Award by the awesome Lucy from Things Lucy Reads. Thank you so much for the nomination, Lucy! You are the best!

How it works:
v  Thank your nominator
v  Display the logo
v  Talk about your purpose in blogging
v  Nominate others

My Purpose in Blogging:
My main purpose for blogging is simple: books are my life! I started my blog earlier this year and I am pretty much still a newbie. The reason I decided to start blogging is so I could connect with many of the bloggers I already followed, discover new blogs, make friends, and share my love for books with others. Since I started my blog I’ve been writing book tags, reviews, book hauls, and pretty much everything book related. I have made some great friends in the book community. Everyone is just amazing and always helpful. It’s so great to know that if I have any questions about blogging or need any book recommendations or simply can’t decide on my next read, there are so many people willing to help and answer questions. I love the sense of community and being able to fangirl and swoon with others over favorite characters. One of the best decisions I ever made was deciding to start my blog. :)

My nominations:
I will nominate a few blogs by name; however, everyone that reads this post and would like to participate in the tag, consider yourself nominated! I wish I could go out there and nominate each and every blog, but alas time doesn’t allow me to do so.

Jocelyn and Cassie @ Novels and Necklaces

Happy reading and Happy blogging!

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  1. Awe thank you! I'm glad you started your blog as well! I'm so glad we became friends at a book event so much fun to be had.