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Hello fellow book lovers! Please read my review policy before requesting a review.

I read a vast variety of genres, but I mostly stick with YA and NA. I prefer fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, paranormal, contemporary, adventure, but am not limited to these. 

I accept ARCs and finished books in physical and ebook format (I own a Kindle). I also work with NetGalley so books can be provided through them. I never sell or share books provided, unless we agreed otherwise (such as, if a book was provided for a giveaway). For ARC reviews I try to post reviews during the book's release week, unless we agree on a different time frame. If the book you wish to send is part of the series please let me know. I do not read or review books out of order. If the book you are contacting me about is part of a series, it would be greatly appreciated if you were willing to supply the previous books in the series or check to ensure I already own them. 

In my review I will always state if a book was provided for a review. However, this does not impact my opinion of the book. I will always provide my 100% honest opinion. If there are aspects of the book I didn't like I will indicate them in a professional manner, never bashing the author or their work., but I will criticize the book honestly. In my reviews I will include positive and negative feedback, but will always focus on the positive. 

I try to always write reviews for all books provided to me. However, I never write reviews for books I completely dislike, because I don't want to discourage others from reading these books. In this case, if I choose not to write a review, I will contact the person who provided the book to indicate why I chose not to review the book.

In some cases I will decline books for review, mostly due to time constraints. I will decline books if I cannot guarantee a review within the timeframe agreed upon or if I can determine that the content of the book is not something I would enjoy. I respond to all requests; even if I choose to decline a book, I will respond indicating why I chose to decline a request.

My review policies have been recently updated. Moving forward my reviews will include Book Title, Author, Book Blurb, Book Cover, Rating, Review, and Publication Information. If there are any aspects that you would like me to focus on in my review of the book or if there is certain information you would like me to include in my review, please indicate this when sending the book.

My reviews are usually spoiler free. However, for book series spoilers can be included for prior books. If spoilers are included in the review I will indicate that in order to allow my readers to stop reading the review if they want to avoid spoilers. 

All books provided will be featured in my Stacking the Shelves post, which I write weekly or bi-monthly depending on my book haul. In these posts I share the Book Title, Author, Cover, and a short description of what attracted me to the book. Even if I choose not to review a book, I will still feature the book in this blog post. 

All my reviews will be featured here, on my blog, and on Goodreads; all reviews will be shared on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Additionally, all reviews posted during the week will be linked in my Stacking the Shelves post. 

When requesting a book review please provide the following information: Name of the book, Author, Blurb, Genre, Is it part of a series or standalone? (If it's part of a series are you able to provide earlier books if needed?), Link to the book (author site, Goodreads, Amazon, etc) Desired time range (as I mentioned before I will try to post my review during release week, unless other arrangements are made or unless i chose not to review the book).

Please send all review requests to

If you wish to send a physical copy of a book, a mailing address will be provided once the request has been accepted.

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